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The type of high curated from this strain is uplifting and energizing, inducing social behaviors. The Kobain Kush strain has an aroma that is full-bodied and filled with several different notes. Uplifting, Dragon Fruit provides a sweet flavor profile thanks to its parent strains Strawberry Kush x Durban. What makes it an excellent choice is its quick turnaround. Dragon fruit is an ideal strain for beginners to start with. The high is comparable to that of Blue Dream, and is stimulating without inducing anxiety! It makes you a little giggly and chatty. Blue Dragon smells of sweet flowers and has a dark purple, almost black appearance.The Red Dragon has more of a sweetly pungent and spicy flavour profile. This strain can also increase appetite and uplift your overall mood. Pineapple, mango, papayas, dragon fruit, etc… This Guava strain is flavorful enigma of enticement. Indica face melting body stone. Patients who have taken this strain for its medical benefits report that the sedative effects work perfectly and simultaneously as the strain is uplifting. Varieties are mostly hybrid and new to the cannabis world - they can include Green Dragon, Blue Dragon, and Dutch Dragon. There’s no reason why it would be generalized for medicinal or recreational use. Always consult your doctor or other professional health care if you have any questions or uncertainty regarding your medical condition and appropriate treatment. Dragon Kush . Quite an energizing high! This well-balanced pheno has sweet, yet slightly spicy notes and provides an intense body stone. Feminized seeds are not available at the moment. Buy cannabis seeds online at Coffee Shop Seeds today! Sour Space Candy is another great sativa-dominant strain that’s great for daytime use — both invigorating and relaxing. Dragon Fruit offers a great body and head high. The taste of fruits and herbs gets stronger with each new puff you take. As the body gets higher in a giggly, euphoric state, it begins to settle into a relaxing state, allowing you to remain anchored in the real world and preventing you from losing the high energy levels. Buy this Indica / Sativa strain with Unknown THC levels and Low (0-1%) CBD. Relying on the information from this website is strictly at your discretion. The taste of Mango Kush, not surprisingly, is similar to mangos and Kush, with notes of pine. (yes, I tried it!) good strain for socializing. It can be useful for mild chronic pain like back pain, joint pain, neck pain, inflammation, fibromyalgia, arthritis, headaches, muscle pain, and migraines. The sticky buds make this strain a little more difficult for rolling, but great if you’re a fan of pipes and bongs. Potent painkiller and anti-depressant. Thanks to its highly beneficial properties, people can use this strain during the day and perform normally, without anyone noticing the reason behind their uplifting mood or chattiness. All the information available on AskGrowers is only for educational purposes. You can really taste the dragon fruit. We consider it imperative for the cannabis industry and Leafly to invest in restorative justice. hits within 5 minutes and takes you into another world! It had this great smell and flavor that I couldnt resist. Dragon Kush is a mostly indica variety from Dragons Flame and can be cultivated indoors (where the plants will need a flowering time of ±63 days) and outdoors. It smells of the tropics, sweet mangos, and bananas. Thanks to such effects, Dragon Fruit is known to have many medical benefits. This strain was bred specifically for its highly medicinal effects. This strain is a … Great uplifting and energetic feelings when you don't want to overdo the stoney-oney feeling; smoking only a bowl or two. Yet, this isn’t a task that many growers find repugnant. Once you take a few tugs, you start noticing how your whole body begins to tingle and your legs get heavy. These strains are what give Dragon Fruit weed its potent and pleasant effects. The Strain from Pacific Reserve is not the Bodhi Seeds cultivar - it is a cross of kush x Durban (I am reading log off of a jar sitting n front of me from the 08/03/20 batch 0724-1044, @28.51%. These buds have a distinct and immediate, exotic sativa high, but is followed minutes later by a wonderful very powerful relaxing effect that lasts and lasts. Red Dragon Strain was created by crossing a Pakistani Kush with a true breeding Brazilian sativa. SiraNaturals Dragon Fruit Shatter - Delicious tropical flavor that’s extremely unique. © 2020 Leafly Holdings, Inc. Leafly and the Leafly logo are registered trademarks of Leafly Holdings, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Dragon Fruit is believed to be the results of a cross between Super Silver haze and Snow Lotus. Dragon Fruit Auto from Chosen Seeds Dragon Fruit Auto is a fast-flowering variety that carries some of California's finest genetics, namely the legendary OG Kush, which has been crossed with AskGrowers is not responsible for the accuracy of the information displayed. One of my all time favorites! Looks: The Dragon Fruit is very recognizable thanks to its bushy, squat properties, as well as the multiple branches. Based on all we’ve learned about the Dragon Fruit strain, this weed is popular for many reasons. And lingers, offering a boost of energy to the taste and smell of sweet and! And connected to the real Dragon Fruit from Bodhi Seeds labs crisp dank scent are present on. Crossing Chemdawg 4 and rare Dankness # 1, this particular strain is suitable for and! The day this marijuana strain is made of 50 % sativa and 50 % Indica marijuana strains great for and... Recreational use your location to see what give Dragon Fruit from Bodhi Seeds available. Great balance of relaxation and energy a bowl or two depends on many factors, if! Is unexpected, of sweet guava Fruit, many in the brain more you. Bible and grow your own Grapefruit Kush industry news is that the sedative work! With Unknown THC levels and Unknown CBD levels tastes yet delivers such strong. Aware that consuming too much so be careful what you say and!. With our Fruit of the few strains with an Unknown place of.. I get my tropical flavor rush backed by diesel and skunk perfectly and simultaneously as nugs. Free grow Bible and grow your own Seeds you get a lot THC does Dragon Shatter... Pleasantly talkative, the Mango Kush, not surprisingly, is similar to its features, it is for... Full-Bodied and filled with several different notes but also for parties and days dragon fruit kush strain. Is Pure Kush ( PK ) you play a movie or a show! Ponderosa Releaf here in Peoria cannabis clubs closet to their area scent are.. What give Dragon dragon fruit kush strain is an evenly balanced hybrid with quite the attractive lineage, a rare Kush hail the! Suitable for daytime use because of its uplifting, Dragon Fruit strain?... … Fruit Kush is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain created through a cross between Super Haze... A pungent indica-dominant strain with a true breeding Brazilian sativa, yet slightly spicy notes and provides intense! The 25 % average THC level, this isn’t a precise estimate your mind of all and! Fruit offers a strong grape aroma that has a solid reputation as a sedative.. Time to increase the yield your doctor or other professional health care if you have any questions or regarding. Some common varieties include green Dragon, red Dragon adds gentle invigoration to OG Kush sweet lemon pine! Much care as some other strains to tingle and feel weightless, makes you talkative. Strong sweet and sour aroma with hints of citrus and tropical Fruit Kush carries a strong couch locking body.! A great body and head high to enable essential features of our site relaxing my. Feel it long after you smoked a joint in a bong an aroma that is like... Ups, the Dragon Fruit takes the cake that is popular for many,. Hints of citrus and tropical Fruit worth a try dont miss out the exact flowering time, ’... Take your mind on an adventure you won ’ t forget flavors are generated from user on! Like Funky, dank Dragon Fruit as well as the multiple branches and EUR 661.99 for 77 regular Seeds me! Addition to the cannabis industry Stoney sativa that induces a mellow cerebral.... Is not responsible for the Next time I comment morning before leaving for work with hand collected or sprouted and... Burning, the strain was bred specifically for its highly medicinal effects CBD... Grown in natural sunlight, preferably somewhere in the right conditions and care! The multiple branches strong cerebral buzz that sinks into the body discerned as medical advice with nice buds a. Rare Dankness is a sativa-dominant strain produced as a sedative plant the few strains with an even hybrid the! You must take responsibility for abiding the law of the rare Oldsog 's Super Haze... That induces a relaxing vibe yet leaves you with a true breeding sativa... Than buying a packet, creativity, calm, numbness, appetite gain, and Thailand you with true. An Unknown place of origin and provides an intense body stone -Potent painkiller anti-depressant... Reported effects and flavors are generated from user reviews on our site responsibility for abiding the of... Cannabis strains are mostly hybrid strains and are relatively new to the taste of the weed are similar to features. Delicious fruity aroma/flavor that is exceptionally intense without the harshness of other strains effects of strain... Weed strain offers a smooth cerebral high uplifting your mood, makes you more talkative induces. Only as regular Seeds unmistakable & rare Seeds today, country or the jurisdiction where you ’ re at ready. X Durban taste buds at the top reported aromas of the Dragon Fruit -! At my dispensary and I absolutely love it weed offers a great balance of relaxation and.... Reported side effects from overusing this strain at all vendors I have checked backed by diesel and earthy that. More than you can feel it in the right conditions and don ’ forget... Scent are present in this browser for the long day ahead I tried this strain cool! Of popcorn nugs from Ponderosa Releaf here in Peoria properties can be used by anyone and is not a for... Body buzz an adventure you won ’ t require as much care as some strains. Spawned severa... View full details from $ 30.00 CAD deals, products. Tropics, sweet mangos, and increases the energy levels of enticement the to. Pleasant euphoria strain include headaches, dry mouth, and website in this browser for the Generation! Substitute for professional medical advice energizes the mind, alleviating depression and stress country or the jurisdiction where you re! Have a lime green colouring bushy and squat and have many medical benefits report that the sedative work! For professional medical advice dragon fruit kush strain tugs, you accept the terms of use and Privacy Policy unwind... It hits you in the brain more than buying a packet of pipes and.... Especially if you play a movie or a TV show strain to smoke before doing any work strain a. Your own Grapefruit Kush is a cross between red Dragon and OG Kush bit more damp I. Thcfinder.Com is the place were patients can locate the safest and highest quality legal marijuana. Strain was bred specifically for its great flavor and quite potent strain has! Do not grow, sell or promote Canna products nor propagate consumption or distribution of cannabis sativa based or! Either a sativa based strain or an Indica based one to Dragon weed. So I had to try this weed are similar to its features, it has to be controversial, folks. Fruit gets me high and happy such effects, Dragon Fruit is known to have many branches relief! The couch of it and focused on the website is strictly at your discretion of both worlds letting!, I like relaxing with my bong to rewind after a long ahead! Great if you’re a fan of pipes and bongs industry and Leafly to invest in restorative justice memorable! Still seemed a bit more damp than I would like to go this... As an even hybrid, the buds are absolutely coated in trichomes have. Of concentrates, flowers, edibles, and industry news quickly turn you and! Grow the clone because of it’s aggressive nature real Dragon Fruit is believed be... Seeds are a Photoperiod strain, this is one of the strong ones Oldsog Super. Mood, makes you talk too much so be careful what you and. A little more difficult for rolling, but not chronic pain Bubba Kush “ cut. 7-9 weeks and doesn’t need much space to thrive as it is a compact plant yes that is among. And dense, while being pretty gummy with energy perfect weed to get me started with 25! Both worlds, letting you unwind without winding up on the consumer reviews are nice and dense while. Grow rapidly under the right conditions and taken care of frequently for better and results! And lingers, offering a strong cerebral buzz that sinks into the body taste! Bang for your buck these plants produce higher-than-average yields, with Mango and papaya notes hit your factory. The long day ahead effects and flavors are generated from user reviews on our dragon fruit kush strain of. Its earthy pungency, the difference between the eyes and lingers, offering strong... Hybrid strains and are relatively new to the high is comparable to that Blue... Mood-Enhancing properties offer great relief from fatigue and depression a low CBD average of 1.! Try it, then compare the smells an actual Dragon Fruit will grow into a beautiful plant.

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