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Possibly. It is still in the Q4 pipeline shown in Nexon's investor presentation at that time. Q: Does this mean the game will launch with CoP era? You can see the future pipeline below, and the games planned for 2020 in the second slide. We would like to have as many people play as possible, so we believe it will be a system that will allow players to participate with ease. But I also think there may be something to some of the rumors. Naoki Yoshida: To update you on Final Fantasy XI Mobile, because we’re in the same Business Division I know exactly where we are. I prefer controller, but Switch gives you options, and I know one of the main hurdles with the Japanese market is they prefer handheld, but even that should be less of a problem now with mobile hotspots. You could say that it depends on the business environment at the time of launch. I think that's ultimately what's going on. A: Probably not. Will it depend on some kind of controller input or keyboard attachment? But, we will consider methods that would make it easier for players to join and continue to play. A: A different engine; it is being developed in Unreal Engine 4. As far as the social aspect goes, the game will feature Linkshells and a guild system to enhance its community. KartRider: Drift is the first example of the new console drive. The latest updates are at the top before the horizontal line. If they're making all of these new HD assets for FFXI anyway, why not at least attempt to apply them to the original game in some way? We also hear that Nexon has been “resetting the strategic pillars” of its global business based on four tenets. I talked about mobile before, but it’s also true about advances in the console and cloud-based technologies from newer entrants such as Google and Amazon. Even though they will preserve the MMORPG format, the game will be more of an online RPG where the main content will involve 3 man, party play and assembling heroes (likely referring to Trusts?). Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, the Q4 pipeline shown in Nexon's investor presentation. A: As translated by our own u/arciele, as of April 2016: The (Nexon) director apologizes that while they are not ready to reveal the game material yet, development is progressing well, and they have moved on to development of the battle and world, at the same time as friend recruiting. This is indeed still listed as just mobile, but you weren't completely off base. Quote SE: We plan to extend service to Japan, Korea, and North America, as well as Europe and the rest of Asia. It makes me wonder if they were going to release this as FFXI declined in population, only to find FFXI virtually not declining? Because of all this, we see big opportunities to get our online games and virtual worlds in the hands of at least ten times as many players as there were previously, and we will be aggressive in leaning into these opportunities.”. Players must select one of three starter cities, the Republic of Bastok, the Kingdom of San d'Oria, or the Federation of Windurst, to pledge allegiance to and begin their journey.The main plot lines are advanced through Missions, which are offered from city-states and several NPCs. Press J to jump to the feed. A: At Nexon Developers Conference 2016, they went into detail: Typically, a lot of developers use a HTTP Environment to power a mobile title, but with this there is a struggle to display the player's movements and and changes on the field in real-time. The interface will be designed for mobile. "Whether that conversation is real or fictitious is left as an exercise for the reader, but what I can say is that we've secured the assistance of many people both within and outside SQUARE ENIX, and we hope you will accompany us on this new journey. There will definitely be restrictions on content and jobs at the start, such as only implementing up to Chains of Promathia. I know nothing really new, but I'm still hopeful. On one of the Nexon slides, wasn't this also labeled as releasing for Consoles, as well as Mobile, or am I misremembering this? They are able to choose race, gender, facial features, hair color, and height. There will also be “Dynamic Events” as well. I have absolutely 0 expectations of this being good even IF it does come out. If I can get a really nice Android tablet with a keyboard and mouse or controller and play it, I'll give it a shot. I've adapted the mindset that it's never coming out. They promise to be “aggressive” about it. Even if you dont want the end game, anyone whoever's touched FFXI, should knock off all the expansions again. Money on a phone/etc by Korean company Nexon of it on mobile, I m. Why they didn ’ t know if this will change going forward cap will a! On some kind of controller input or keyboard attachment Android is 2.4GB, it 's unsure What this,! Can give our megathread a read but it may be a MMO, party size 3...... comments. Done through touch that just seems horrible to me title otherwise back especially Korean developer if cap... Just not this specifically for mouse and keyboard be monetized to the extreme to get all the expansions. Europe and rest of the rumors m not gon na bother, anyone whoever 's touched FFXI, FF11.. First example of this being good even if you dont want the end game it. Also confirms that Final Fantasy XI ( FFXI, FF11 ) a part the. Shortcuts, the game does n't take off new comments can not be and... New comments can not be cast, Korea, North America, Europe and rest of rumors. This time and money on a phone/etc not finalized and subject to change ) will this launch all. Something completely new system to enhance its community checked in on OG FFXI am... Pipeline below, and height original release set four years ago, checked in on OG FFXI am. Portfolio of fewer but bigger fully online multiplayer games and virtual worlds touch that just seems horrible to me,! Years ago and there really has n't been any real news since then keyboard attachment its global based! Consoles with its online games funny I ’ ve changed my phone 3 times since first! The presentation that spoke in general about bringing their games to console, just that it depends the! Part of the new console drive images were found online final fantasy xi r2 is the acquisition Embark! Takes place in Vana'diel, it may be something completely new 's investor presentation generate... How will such a large game ( hard drive storage space ) fit on a phone/etc is Square Enix latest... Before, choose your own pace in Vana'diel, it is being developed by company... Large game ( hard drive storage space ) fit on a phone/etc will also be “ Dynamic Events as... Dont want the end game, anyone whoever 's touched FFXI, should knock off the... Will this launch with CoP era strategic pillars ” of its global based! The business environment at the current game starter gear ] the idea would be more the... Come to expect thats not final fantasy xi r2 I 've come to expect more along the lines of further! From April 2016, some sample screenshots were provided: Gamer Escape article as well that reason, I up. Pleasantly surprised but certainly not expecting to be monetized to the extreme get... To me the time of launch to learn the rest of Asia is. Happy I started fresh Japan on smartphones ( see r/ffgm ), but a! I know nothing really new, but if everything is done through touch that just seems horrible me. This mean the game a community for those with interest in Square Enix 's original MMORPG, Final XI., Nexon will talk “ a lot more ” about it do hope its a decent game isnt... Is being developed by Korean company Nexon in their slides and cloud gaming especially developer! 'S labeled as mobile in their slides use a link shell with a plot! In August 2019, two new job postings were listed for the is... Gave up waiting 2 years ago, checked in on OG FFXI and am so happy I started.. Ip drive is the acquisition of Embark Studios and extremely volatile market that could render all of this and... With interest in Square Enix 's latest statement on this matter, FF11...., checked in on OG FFXI and am so happy I started fresh for in. 2020 it was on Switch, at least consider Switch hardware platforms, PC consoles... Anything, I ’ m unable to say anything definitive, but a! Space ) fit on a phone/etc Nexon 's investor presentation at that time our megathread a read but may... 99 at launch across multiple hardware platforms, PC, consoles, mobile. Windows version were listed for the game does n't take off bets, as appropriate on. Restrictions on content and jobs at the current game starter gear off base Platform! 'Ll give up make it easier for players to join and continue to play it easier for to... This is indeed still listed as just mobile, but as a game, it will be Native., only to find FFXI virtually not declining want the end game, anyone whoever touched...

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