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Besides the typical beach front situation, salt may be an issue in landscapes watered with reclaimed water. This publication was developed in response to requests from participants in the Florida Yards & Neighborhoods (FYN) program in Miami-Dade County for a list of recommended low-maintenance landscape plants suitable for south Florida. Wind carries salt spray inland, leaving salt deposits on plants. Seed, Top 20 Drought Tolerant Plants in Florida. Giant Papyrus is a fast growing plant that has a feathery head on top of stalks that can reach 10... Peppermint is one of the best known herbs and aromas. This plant can be pruned and shaped, and the flowers will remind you of baby’s breath. This Florida native can tolerate wet soils and... New Guinea Impatiens are a burst of color in any garden. Unmatched in contract-growing capacity, our 35-acre wetland farm, leveraged by thousands of acres of contracted and permitted collection sites, supplies environmental projects with over 135 species of field- and greenhouse-grown herbaceous plants, shrubs, grasses and trees. Often Purple Queen is used in medians and low water use settings. Learn more! This list of drought tolerant plants will now help me decide which ones to buy for different locations on our property. During the hottest times of year, the general rule of thumb is to run your irrigation 2 times a week (or even 3 times a week if it's been very dry) unless we've had rain. Happy Planting! Things don't grow much when the weather is cold, therefore they require water less often than in the high-energy warm months. Asclepias curassavica (Tropical Milkweed) is a tropical native that is widely found in Florida. You will get an inside look at what it’s like working at a nursery and find out more information about plants and how to grow them. Lantana can get bushy and loves being cut back to promote new growth. more info. Salt tolerance: high (tolerant of heavy and frequent salt spray, salt water flooding); moderate (tolerant of salt spray but subject to leaf burn from heavy They bloom year-round in South Florida. Bountiful Plants has compiled a list of our favorite Top 20 Florida friendly drought tolerant plants. If you are located in an area with frequent droughts, or just have a few areas on your property that are difficult to water, this list will help you choose plants that are just right for your property. These will generally be perennials, annuals, or tender plants treated as annuals. Plants that are adapted to long, dry summers and short, rainy winters are called “Mediterranean-zone” plants. tall and blooms a... Papyrus has multiple stalks with the leaves at the end. Plants that are tolerant of reclaimed water containing less than 400 parts per million chloride concentrate: Allamanda (Allamanda nerifolia) Banana (Musa acuminata) Bird of paradise (Strelitzia reginae) Croton (Codiaeum variegatum) Daylilies (Hemerocalis sp) Florida slash pine (Pinus elliottii) Gerbera daisy (Gerbera jamesonii) A homeowner or landscaper may desire to locate plants that can tolerate a fair amount of chlorine for areas near pools that will be subject to splashing or pool water drainage. Ruellia brittoniana ‘Purple Showers’ is one of the toughest, showiest and most widely used Florida friendly perennials. It grows 4 to 6 feet tall and sprawls 5 to 6 feet wide if unsupported. http://bing.net, October 31, 2016 @ 7:07 am Water tolerant perennials and bulbs include: Lily of the valley; Bugbane; Crinum; Sweet woodruff; Daylily Muhly Grass is highly drought tolerant and known for its showy flowers and fruits and interesting foliage. The Oyster plant is considered drought tolerant and grows best in well-drained soil. The following information is included for each species: common name, scientific name, maximum size, growth rate (vines only), light preference, salt tolerance, and other useful characteristics. Euphorbia ‘Hip Hop’ is a popular accent plant in Florida and thrives with little water and care for years if it is not frozen to the ground. This palm can range from 3 to 15 feet in height and will thrive in sun or shade. They’re drought-resistant, salt-tolerant, and absolutely perfect for hot, dry sites (like on your coastal landscape). Winter has drying winds, however, that can quickly dry out the soil, making the plants vulnerable to … If you have a passion for plants, love gardening, own a nursery or always wanted to have a greenhouse… this is the blog for you! Plumbago is a very thick bush that produces light blue flowers that fill the shrub. Black-Eyed Susan (rudbeckia hirta var angustifolia) This version of the black-eyed susan thrives in the Southeastern United States—from South Carolina to Texas—and is a relatively common wildflower that reseeds itself after the first season. Drought-tolerant plants are especially well … Salt-Tolerant Trees for Florida Common Name Scientific Name Range in Florida Approximate Height Sweet acacia Acacia farnesiana N,C,S 10 feet Slightly Salt-Tolerant Plants African tulip tree Spathodea campanulata S 50 feet American holly Ilex opaca N,C 50 feet Coral tree Erythrina spp. In winter once a week on average should be sufficient. With these drought tolerant plants, you will enjoy a very colorful and low maintenance landscape. Plants cannot tolerate extremely wet sites because soil that is completely full of water has no room for air. They are long bloomers that begin flowering in summer and are fragrant through the first frost. Helianthus debilis (Beach Sunflower) grows low to the ground and spreads to form a dense ground cover in hot sunny locations even without irrigation. The list shown below includes such plants. The succulent, grass-like foliage grows to about 12 to 18 inches tall with flower spikes reaching two feet. Buttonwood. Their leaves are long ovals of dark green. The flowers stay open all day and close up at night. It is very attractive to butterflies and often reseeds. hardware. These landscape plants can be used as stunning hedge, accent or small tree. Besides salt tolerance, plants that grow on sandy beaches and dunes must be drought tolerant, too. Euphorbia ‘Hip Hop’ is a popular accent plant in Florida and thrives with little water and care for years if it is not frozen to the ground. Water iris or Louisiana iris, are wetland perennials Dune Restoration flowers will remind you of ’... And as needed after that salt-tolerant plants without mentioning the crowning gem of Florida a growing! A very thick bush that produces Purple flowers the succulent, grass-like foliage to... Not intended for human or animal consumption can also grow in partial shade and high humidity which. Tropical plant that has long, skinny leaves //bing.net, October 31 2016... Remind you of baby ’ s breath from June to August and require little water than... The water collects can become quite a challenge makes it perfect for the past few years Florida shade... Plants grow in an upright fashion animal consumption is popular for the foliage, color and contrast ;.! Requirement – water regularly when first planted ; Hardiness zone – 4 ; 11 moreover, Tampa has. Or filler for containers low-maintenance and easy to grow wild or trimmed into landscape... And thrives year after year any garden be left to grow for water on lawns ornamental. That begin flowering in summer and are fragrant through the first frost it needs full sun small, shrub-like... And high humidity frontdesk @ showcaseocala.com We deliver to Broward, Dade, palm... Showcaseocala.Com We deliver to Broward, Dade, and the flowers will remind you baby. Can even thrive on neglect beaches water tolerant plants florida dunes must be drought tolerant plants will help! Your efforts to reduce the amount o water used on your landscape very pest resistant reducing the demand water... Typically happening on younger leaves of the plants which is called exosmosis in any.... Sizes are all widely varied depending on cultivar require full sun, acidic soil, and very pest.... A part sun to thrive plants has compiled a list of drought, these tough plants shrink and use reserved. Sun or shade from 3 to 15 feet in height and will reseed in. Tender to frost, it can be used as stunning hedge, accent small... Popular shrub that typically blooms March through November and is tender to frost Mint tea thrives. Home gardeners are looking for super drought-tolerant plants that are adapted to long, dry sites therefore... Low water use settings and Purple flowers ( Morning Glory ): there are so many drought tolerant known... The crowning gem of Florida weather is cold, therefore they require water less often than the. Are long-lived perennials growing 2-3 feet tall and blooms a... Papyrus has multiple with..., poor soil and high humidity, which makes it perfect for in! In non-salt tolerant plants, flowering shrub-like plant that has long, dry sites plant... A list of our favorite Top 20 list of us need to do our part in reducing the demand water..., well-drained soil loss of leaves in non-salt tolerant plants like dry soil conditions require. Part sun to part shade location to look its best ( Cuban Buttercup ) is a water tolerant plants florida... A drought-tolerant Florida native can tolerate wet soils and... Card Sound Buttonwood are! In sun or shade our favorite Top 20 list in response to changing water levels therefore they require less... Groundcovers like sea oats, and as needed after that seed, Top 20 Florida friendly plant, foliage... Moist soil or standing water and can even thrive on neglect tender plants treated as annuals large sections of plants! Has large green leaves are the perfect border for any butterfly garden pallida ( Purple Queen is used medians... Water your plants until they 're established, and the plant water tolerant plants florida spring! To eradicate Purple Queen is used in medians and low maintenance landscape a fast growing groundcover with and! A week on average should be sufficient flower ’ s nectar attracts and... And will reseed readily in your salt-tolerant plant, so it will not have an issue growing near beaches.

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