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liquid paraffin for horses

Medication for horses including uses, administration, pharmacokinetics, precautions, adverse reactions and more. In long-standing cases, parenteral nutrition may be instituted. In the adult horse, Salmonella, Clostridium difficile, and Neorickettsia risticii (the causative agent of Potomac Horse Fever) are common causes of colitis. If surgery is on the agenda, it's NOT a good idea to administer mineral oil - it will only make the surgeon's work more difficult and increase the probability of post-surgical complications. Therapy to help prevent endotoxemia and improve blood protein levels (plasma or synthetic colloid administration) may also be used if budgetary constraints allow. It is most commonly associated with ingestion of foods that swell after eating or feeds that are coarse (bedding or poor quality roughage), poor dental care, poor mastication, inadequate drinking, ingestion of a foreign object, and alterations in the normal function of the stomach. [15] Horses with gastrointestinal rupture will have peritoneal fluid accumulation, sometimes with debris, visible on ultrasound. Foals, weanlings, and yearlings are most likely to ingest sand, and are therefore most commonly seen with sand colic. Colic can be divided broadly into several categories: These categories can be further differentiated based on location of the lesion and underlying cause (See Types of colic). The comfortable Jodhpurs are made from a soft, hard wearing, PRO PLAN Junior combines all essential nutrients andndash; including vitamin C and D, DHA and colostrum andndash; in a high protein diet for kittens. Often, as the horse continues to produce and swallow saliva, his esophageal muscles relax and the blockage passes through to his stomach. It is sometimes administered after an animal ingests lipid-soluble toxins, such as kerosene or metalaldehyde, to retard the absorption of these toxins through its laxative and solubility properties. Once clinical signs improve, the horse will slowly be re-fed (introduced back to its normal diet), while being carefully monitored for pain. [6] Hyaluraonan can also be used to produce a physical barrier. [13] Secondary cecal impactions may occur post-surgery, orthopedic or otherwise, and the cecum does not function properly. The intestine becomes distended due to the trapped fluid and gas production from bacteria. » Super easy to navigate website and fast checkout process » Officially registered veterinary retailer [17] Small intestinal volvulus often occurs secondary to another disease process in adult horses, where small intestinal obstruction causes distention and then rotation around the root of the mesentery. Features include 4 way, The Filet Baucher Hanging Cheek from Lorina…, The Mark Todd Lightweight Turnout Rug is excellent at keeping your horse comfortable on warmer days, as well as being able to offer protection against the, Hills Prescription Diet i/d, available from VioVet, has been developed for dogs suffering with gastrointestinal disorders. [2] Horses are monitored closely following abdominal surgery, and a sudden increase in heart rate indicates the need to check for nasogastric reflux, as it is an early indication of postoperative ileus. Dosage 2ml. Turnout on a dry lot with lower-quality fodder may have similar beneficial effects. Clinical analysis is not necessarily required to analyze the fluid. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. "VioVet is one of the largest online pet and equine retailers in the UK, offering 35,000+ products. Severe clinical signs often suggest the need for surgery, especially if they can not be controlled with analgesics. Rectal examinations are a cornerstone of colic diagnosis, as many large intestinal conditions can be definitively diagnosed by this method alone. [22] Medical management includes the aggressive use of fluids, laxatives and lubricants, and enemas, as well as analgesics and anti-inflammatories. [3] Horses are also sometimes administered heparin, which is thought to reduce the risk of laminitis by decreasing blood coagulability and thus blood clot formation in the capillaries of the foot.[5]. According to one study, approximately 86% of horses discharged returned to work, and 83.5% returned to same or better performance. At the most basic level, analgesia and sedation is administered to the horse. [9] White blood cell levels may increase if there is death of intestine that leads to leakage of intestinal contents, which includes high levels of bacteria, and a neutrophil to monocyte ratio greater than or equal to 90% is suggestive of a need for surgery. The sand can cause colic signs similar to other impactions of the large colon, and often causes abdominal distention[15] As the sand or dirt irritates the lining of the bowel it can cause diarrhea. Horses generally present with signs of colic before developing profuse, watery, fetid diarrhea. [26] "High" nucleated cell counts (15,000–800,000 cells/microliter depending on the disease present) occur with horses with peritonitis or abdominal abscesses. Second, if the colic is due to a twisted intestine rather than to an impaction, or if the impaction is very large, very hard, and the colic has been present for many hours, the situation may no longer be "horse with medical colic" but rather "horse with surgical colic." Preoperative use of DMSO, a free radical scavenger, potassium penicillin, and flunixin meglumine may be given. [13] However, horses may not have a high heart rate, presumably due to increased vagal tone. The most common forms of colic are gastrointestinal in nature and are most often related to colonic disturbance. "Research Ongoing for Tapeworm, Colic Link. Therefore, periodic decompression of the stomach though nasogastric intubation is essential to prevent rupture. Gold Label Liquid Paraffin helps to maintain a healthy bowel. 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Motility is encouraged by the use of prokinetic drugs such as erythromycin, metoclopramide, bethanechol and lidocaine, as well as through vigorous walking, which has also been shown to have a beneficial effect on GI motility. Plummer AE, Rakestraw PC, Hardy J, Lee RM: Outcomes of medical and surgical treatment of cecal impaction in horses: 114 cases (1999-2004), Stephen, Jennifer (2009). The Nasogastic Feeding Tube is an item of veterinary equipment used for administering drugs and food, as well as other oral agents via the nasal passages. Mineral oil is precisely what you think it is: liquid petrolatum.

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