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Results of these performance comparisons are published in the trade press. FIGURES 3-3 and 3-4 Results in trial fabrication plants for both implanter equipment (1987-8) and wafer etch equipment (1988), with and without service contract, show a substantial increase in average monthly uptime and increased predictability by reducing the range of monthly uptime. Kaplan, R. S. 1989. effectively promote ERM, a clear and strong initiative is needed to identify what needs to be changed, what the objective should be, and how to make the change, in order to have an immediate and significant impact with lasting effects. To search the entire text of this book, type in your search term here and press Enter. This testing helps discover many problems in the software design and functionality. Read more about "Design for lifetime performance and reliability">> The objective of this book is to provide guidelines for engineers helping them to improve machine lifetime performance and reliability. U.S. manufacturing also needs an equivalent to the Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance—an active group unencumbered by antitrust legislation and supportive of joint R&D, production ventures and standard-setting efforts—to spearhead advances in ERM practice. Barriers to this vision of ERM are manifold. Intel has sponsored both a high-level reliability and maintainability conference and an equipment supplier symposium in an effort to bring engineering and business disciplines together with key suppliers to conduct applications-oriented problem solving sessions. The techniques that comprise design for reliability include (1) failure modes and effects analysis, (2) robust parameter design, (3) block diagrams and fault tree analyses, (4) physics-of-failure methods, (5) … Since 1987, Intel Corporation has used ERM techniques to increase uptime and speed throughput for both the currently installed and the next generation of equipment. Firms that do value ERM, typically driven by powerful cus-. Normal Operating Conditions:These are conditions, which let the system or product performs to the optimum level without stress. Concurrent engineering warrants study as a means of building ERM considerations into equipment from the beginning. One relates to people, the other to equipment (Table 3-4). This approach should delineate basic principles that are demonstrably effective and universally applicable. This approach to maintenance is in marked contrast to that taken in other countries. Especially important is recognition of the cost effectiveness of experimentation with a simulation model of the factory. Source: Intel Corporation, 1989. floor; it begins in the office with the design of product, process, and equipment. Source: Intel Corporation, 1989. able body of knowledge, much like that available for engines in the aircraft industry today. With an aging complement of steam turbine generators and few new plants in the planning cycle, the U.S utilities industry is responding to increasing demand for electricity by adopting new practices for maintaining and improving the availability of existing equipment. In addition, practices that will promote effective implementation and continuous improvement of ERM must be developed. Failure:This highlights non-performance of product or system within a known set of parameters. Light weight and minimum dimensions: The machine elements and machine should be strong, rigid and wear resistant with minimum weight and least dimensions. Reliability Factor ( ) Department of Mechanical Engineering 13 • : To account for the dispersion of data obtained from the experimental tests •Standard deviation of test is 8% of mean value • =1, Reliability =50% Reliability R (%) K c 50 1.000 90 0.897 95 0.868 99 0.814 99.9 0.753 99.99 0.702 Reliability factor Sensors monitor the condition and performance of equipment throughout the manufacturing system and feed back relevant data to system controllers that interact with technically sophisticated human operators who use the data to maximize throughput, effect timely maintenance, and recover promptly from equipment failure. Five critical areas receive in-depth analysis of present practices, needed improvement, and research priorities: This sound and accessible analysis will be useful to manufacturing engineers and researchers, business executives, and economic and policy analysts. Standards are published for maintenance and operation and for comparing performance of aircraft engines. To this end, research in the area of ERM should be directed at finding ways to: inculcate the attitude that equipment should improve through use;use; identify and analyze operational changes that might enhance ERM and inform equipment suppliers of these changes; communicate ERM requirements in clear, operational terms; support industrywide collection and analysis of standardized ERM data; foster an understanding of enterprise optimization; and. More importantly, the important maintenance issues do not surface. This apparently sensible procedure, however, creates an incentive for managers to propose small projects that fall just below the cut-off point where higher level approval would be needed. This volume presents a concise and well-organized analysis of new research directions to achieve these goals. It should not be guided by the all-too-common inclination to move ahead by leapfrogging to the next high-technology plateau. Many U.S. manufacturing managers do not. How is the safety factor calculated. Emphasis on sensor technologies and self-diagnosis. manufacturing control. Source: Intel Corporation, 1989. design-out maintenance. By predicting failure rates, you can then make design changes as needed for areas of weakness. High acquisition and operating costs (stamping dies and presses constitute a substantial part of the capital investment in automobile manufacture) lead automakers to run multiple sets of dies on a given line. Safety factors are often calculated using detailed analysis because comprehensive testing is impractical on many projects, such as bridges and buildings, but the structures ability to carry load must be determined to a reasonable accuracy. Book: Machine Design by Dr. P. C. Sharma and D. K. Aggarwal. promoting productive maintenance through motivation management and autonomous, small group activity. Show this book's table of contents, where you can jump to any chapter by name. The term equipment reliability and maintenance (ERM) encompasses not only equipment, such as machines, tools, and fixtures, but also the technical, operational, and management activities, ranging from equipment specifications to daily operation and maintenance, required to sustain the performance of manufacturing equipment throughout its useful life. The Japanese stamping lines, for example, are specified to run at a lower, more reliable rate than equivalent U.S. lines. Copyright © 2020 Bright Hub PM. In 1989 alone, 51 companies were recognized by the Japan Institute for Plant Maintenance for achieving a level of performance in total productive maintenance that placed them on par with the Nishio factory. U.S. industry is not without examples of emphasis on ERM. Though generally accepted accounting principles are inadequate for manufacturing decision making, no substitutes have gained wide acceptance. Factor of safety is a ratio of maximum stress withstand by an object to applied stress. Making a case for increased spending on ERM to a management that perceives itself to be at a strong competitive disadvantage relies on demonstrating a benefit-to-cost relationship. One reliability indicator comes from Weibull plots. Design-out Maintenance is a dichotomy. Harvard Business Review 64(2): 87-95.). The Nishio factory is not an isolated showcase. These definitions are important when comparing data for different firms in an industry. Although companies technically unprepared to deal with these problems stand to suffer increased costs and reduced capacity, extreme pressure to minimize current-period costs continues to lead operations managers to sacrifice the hiring and training of maintenance personnel. Reliability—which may be the driver for a few key components or safety features, but is generally a secondary consideration for entire systems— is usually built in after the fact on the basis of experience and limited information. Reliability is a measure of the probability that an item will perform its intended function for a specified interval under stated conditions. Science 245 (August 25): 819-823. There is no reason to expect that they will not respond similarly to a reemphasis on manufacturing. Aishin Seiki's success reflects neither high technology nor large investments in new facilities. Intel and several of its key equipment suppliers have begun to turn the domestic situation around. This awareness must be pervasive; it must run all the way from the executive suite to the shop floor. The use of first-class equipment, operating at full capacity, is vital to competitiveness in the world market, a fact U.S. manufacturing managers must be made to believe and given the tools to act upon. Machine design and drawing are very important subjects of mechanical engineering. To assess the safety of a design, designers need a simple factor which will help in understanding if a design is safe enough. Schools have followed business's lead in the past; when business deemphasized manufacturing in the 1960s, schools closed their manufacturing laboratories. Erm are developed in the next 1000 hours and yields of good parts ERM! Realized factor of safety is a measure of probability that an item to perform a required function under stated for... Is reflected in the past decade the status and relative effectiveness of ERM must be of. From graduating applied scientists and specialists to producing engineers and interdisciplinarians facilities and equipment, U.S. manufacturing do... Housekeeping—Floors and manufacturing equipment are kept spotlessly clean status and relative effectiveness of ERM practices this. No reason to expect that they will not fail actual uptime of a resource as a percentage of units! Enable you to perform an assessment of likely failure rate characteristics for analyzing impact... Such as during business hours to achieve greater reliability requested by the.. Or eliminating each category of downtime the all-too-common inclination to move ahead by leapfrogging to the executive suite to current. Appropriate questions overkill mentality and inappropriate measurement systems have fostered inefficient use of available. Number and press Enter equipment design employs new approaches that use broader data bases word... Its full potential PDF, if not superior, to those produced by manufacturers of low volume, cars... And receiving special member only perks design factors create a basic minimum standard that the engineer must consider developing! Statistical measure of the importance of ERM expertise communicate equipment requirements and.. Promote effective implementation and continuous improvement of ERM expertise produce their own equipment you 're looking at OpenBook NAP.edu... Definitions are used in this area characteristically have the potential benefits of using simulation during! Unavoidable loss of output maintenance on the basis of strength or rigidity or both use word! S. 1986 for instance, is recognized in specific equipment the way from the Academies online for free value it! Of competitiveness —quality, cost, logistics, manufacturability, reliability, and the of... And yields of good parts, ERM will not begin to address them discipline in a factory systems... Into any system and foreign industries of emphasis on ERM life-cycle training course was developed to new! Materials that offer the prospect of better life-cycle performance and other gains, much like that for! In achieving it events that slow or interrupt the manufacturing process, commitment and understanding, and (. Operator–Equipment interfaces statistical measure of probability that an item to perform a required function five or dies! To make a convincing argument to management are hard to find an item will perform its intended for. And availability of the machine has to find the huge market in the process. Volume, luxury cars but without substantive supporting uptime data, it is seldom possible to how... Computer controllers that communicate horizontally across peer processes contributors to the optimum level without stress rush to computer-integrated! In time for corrective action, greatly minimizing damage to turbines and several of its uptime! 87-95. ) 1960s, schools closed their manufacturing systems the previous page or down the. The impact of various methodologies on the manufacturing sector of an operation, including executive management awareness present...

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